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Fertile and lush, the Dominican Republic enjoys a mixture of exceptional landscapes: flora, fauna and history of the Old and the New World. In an area as big as e.g. Newfoundland or the Netherlands you will find the small hummingbird along the crocodile, 300 varieties of orchids and greenhouses with roses, strawberry fields and rice paddies, plantations of sugar cane and tobacco fields; pine forests and large tracts of cactus, Pico Duarte, the highest point of the Caribbean, and the amazing caribbean coral gardens; they all coexist on the tropical island. In addition, ten percent of the Dominican territory belongs to the 14 parks and seven protected natural areas.


Punta Cana in the east

... most popular tourist area in the country...

punta cana

A large number of resorts welcome you at some point in Punta Cana along the 60 kilometers of white sand beaches. The temperatures are very pleasant and stable throughout the year, with an annual minimum of 23.2 degrees centigrade and a maximum of 29.3 degrees, while the rains tend to concentrate in the month of October. This means that it is an ideal destination for any traveler looking for sun, good weather and, of course, beaches.

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Bavaro Beach...

... the most famous beach in the world...


Bavaro Beach is without doubt one of the most famous and valued beaches of the Dominican Republic and the world. Bathed by the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Atlantic, Bavaro beach has fine, white sand and the coast is lined with numerous rows of coconut trees. Without doubt, the paradise of your dreams. Especially because the weather is gorgeous all year round. There are more then 40 luxury hotels with all amenities you can imagine. The hotels offer many activities such as sailing in catamarans, diving and snorkeling. Together with other nearby beaches, Bavaro is part of the so called 'Costa del Coco': forty kilometers of uninterrupted white sand.

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Bayahibe in the South East

... Saona Island and the Parque Nacional del Este...


The best known National Park in the Dominican Republic is the Parque Nacional del Este, near Bayahibe at the southeastern tip of the island. The area is still covered by primary forest. Hidden in the green bushes there are dozens of caves with paintings of the Taino indians.

Saona Island, also part of the Parque del Este, is the most popular tourist attraction on the island. This tropical paradise can be reached by boat from Bayahibe. The beaches of Saona are a dream. Until the creation of the park, in 1975, the main activity in the area was fishing. Today tourism is the source of livelihood of the hundred inhabitants in this paradise.

Bayahibe has 6 luxury all inclusive resorts and is one of the driest tourist areas in the country. Check out this destination...

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The Samana Peninsula

... not fully developed, nature...


The Samana peninsula is considered one of the most beautiful areas in the Dominican Republic, however, it remains one of the least known areas by the foreign visitors in particular. Its tourism industry has not exploited the full potential of the location: tropical forests, coconut trees, hundreds of cozy alcove beaches with the crystal clear waters of turquoise, waterfalls, national parks, a protected bay, a peninsula.

The region has a fairly high rainfall.

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The North Coast

... between the sea and the mountains...

puerto plata

Bathed by the gentle breezes of the Atlantic Ocean, framed by a mountain range of majestic mountains, the North Coast, also known as the Amber Coast is a coastline of more than 125 kilometers of beaches, resort communities and coastal villages. It was here where Columbus landed on his first voyage and it is here where visitors in the 20th century discovered the same natural beauty and turquoise waters Columbus marveled about more than 500 years ago.

The region has a fairly high rainfall.

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