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The Dominican Republic: Getting Around

Getting Around in the Dominican Republic

... explore the island on your own ...


There are many excellent transport options available, providing visitors a completely original experience when it comes to traveling around the country. Apart from the regular domestic planes, taxis and rental cars, there are also various ways of transportation that are somewhat more unique; different from anything you may have encountered in other countries.


Traveling by Bus in the Dominican Republic

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Traveling by bus can be a great asset when traveling in the Dominican Republic. The buses are comfortable, and often come with high quality services and exceptional punctuality.They have excellent air conditioning systems, and besides the comfort of the bus, you also get various entertainment services.

Local transport companies that offer affordable deals for bus routes are Metro Bus, Terrabus, Expreso Macoris and Caribe Tours. One of the most popular routes is the one between Punta Cana and Santo Domingo, and the prices are generally very cheap, as you can get on even a 3 hour trip for only around $10.

There are many other great locations you can explore throughout the country on your vacation. In places like La Romana or La Vega, you will be provided with practically everything you need, while discovering the natural beauty of the island in a unique and captivating way. All these places can be reached by the bus services. Most bus companies are renowned for their punctuality, so you will never have to worry about getting to your destination on time.


Other local Travel Options

... taxis, publicos, qua-qua, motoconcho...


Taxis can also offer a quick and comfortable way of getting around in the Dominican Republic. In fact, if you travel by night, taxis are also the safest means of transport of all. They are a bit expensive, but allow you to explore all the locations of your choice peacefully. The good news is that you can get very good prices on alternative means of transportation.

Publicos or derechos also represent a cheap way of traveling around the country, sometimes at prices of under 30 pesos. These are public taxis that usually drive only on the main roads, stopping every time a passenger needs to get in or out.

Two of the most popular ones are the 'gua gua' and the 'motoconcho'. The first is a type of smaller bus that has a fixed route, and is extremely cheap, while the latter is basically a motorcycle taxi or a moped, that brings you to the place you want to be.


Renting a car in the Dominican Republic

... could be fun, but don't drive at night...

Road Hazard

Car renting can also be a viable Dominican Republic transport option. Apart from giving you more freedom and privacy than other transport means, the cost differences are not too great. You will need to pay attention while driving, however, and it can be quite uncomfortable if you are not used to Dominican roads and the usual driving style of most drivers, as they can be quite reckless, and roads are not always marked properly. It is not recommended to drive at night, most drivers don't dimm lights and the roads are generally not that great... try to avoid driving after dark...

It can be far more relaxing, though, once you get used to it, and the fact is that, with a rented car, you can always stop and admire the view whenever you want to. Nevertheless, to be sure you select the best car rental company, make sure you get comprehensive insurance when you rent a car in order to avoid being held responsible for any type of damage that you didn't cause.

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